Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Essentials Haul

So I took a trip to Walmart a place I have a real love hate type relationship with. I hate how crowded the place always is and how I end up buying more stuff then what I initially went there for and I love the place because well...once you start walking through the aisles you see all these cool things you never knew you needed ;) which ties in with how I buy more then what I went in there for it's kind of a revolving cycle for me.

 Anyways this time around I almost stuck to what I went in there for although a couple pieces of makeup did find it's way into my cart.

Witch Hazel- I haven't used this in years and I don't know why I stopped using it. It's really great as toner/cleanser and I plan on putting it back in my routine by using it at least once a day.

Summer Eve in Morning Paradise Wash: This product is becoming a staple item for me, at first I bought to use only during that time of the month but I like what it does for us ladies "down there". It's also really great for those who have sensitive skin and get easily irritated by regular soap.

Neuterogena Makeup Remover Wipes: These are my HG wipes.

I've also been on a Dial kick lately so I grabbed the body wash in Himalayan Pink Salt with Water Lily which smells really good and of course had to grab one of their hand soaps which I use to clean my brushes.

A couple other things I grabbed were Trim Salon Boards for my nails, I don't spend much money on these because i'm always losing or misplacing them. As for the little bit of beauty stuff you see I grabbed a couple of Wet and Wild items just for the heck of it : A lipstick in Taj Mauve-hal, Mega Slicks lip gloss in Red Sensation, and a brow & eye liner in charcoal. And last but not least I finally picked up a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum which I'll do a review on soon.


  1. I haven't really tried the new Dial bodywashes. I heard they smell great though. I love the Revlon ColorBursts. Can't wait to read a review on it.


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