Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Beauty Blender

I finally took the plunge after so long and bought a Beauty Blender. I ended up getting two of those little suckers since in my  head I couldn't justify buying one sponge for $20 but two for around $27 made a little bit more sense. Of course when it arrived in the mail a day later I was a little weary of the product still and yelling at myself for spending so much money on some sponges that may or may not work.

Anyways after my first trial run with the Beauty Blender I fell in love with it and I can say that it was worth it, I still think it's a ridiculous amount to ask for a sponge that only last three months but with how flawless it makes my foundation ( MUFE HD Foundation) look on my face I know i'll be making this a staple in my collection. Also in my opinion it does such a better job in blending concealer then any brush I have ever used.

Application: I found pumping the foundation on the back of my hand and then dabbing the sponge into it and applying it to my face used up too much product, so I've been actually dotting the foundation all over my face and then using the sponge. I stipple it all over to give a perfect smooth finish. You are supposed to wet the sponge and then squeeze all the water out before use also. This also prevents the sponge from soaking up your foundation. .

 Size and Coloring: For some odd reason I was expecting the sponges to be bigger then what they were. They are tiny. I took a pic of both sponges the one on the left unused and dry and the one on the right just recently used, as you can see it increases in size once you wet it.

As for the coloring not sure if you can tell the difference but there is a slight difference of color between the two. The new one is clearly a brighter pink then the one on the right. That is because I've experienced the pink dye coming off every time I wash it. No worries though it doesn't transfer to your face or anything that should cause alarm.

Cleaning Care: So I didn't buy the cleanser that comes with the Beauty Blender because I figured that you could use normal soap or something to wash out the foundation. And after a few trial and errors what I found to work in removing all the foundation from my Beauty Blender was the brush cleanser sold by MAC. I have also heard that Baby Shampoo and Dial soap has worked for many as well.

Packaging: I didn't find it to be anything special although there is this sponge pedestal thing where you can keep your sponge and I do take advantage of that.

Overall: I think this is a great product and gives you an amazing result if your looking for that "second skin" look.


  1. I think these are such a good idea and I would love to try one but I don't tend to use liquid foundation very much. Instead, I use Bare Minerals powder a lot as I find it so hard to find a good colour match!
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos