Thursday, March 14, 2013

IPSY March 2013 Review

 So I finally decided to try out the Ipsy monthly subscription bags and I wasn't too impressed with the items but i'm not going to complain because thanks to Ipsy I now have a few more items I know not to ever buy.

Apparently they have a theme every month and this months theme was The Great Escape hence the cute little bag. I love the design on it.

Next up they gave a mini GlamRX Palette. It's okay it's about the size of a credit card, personally I don't see having much use for it as far as putting eye shadows in it but I can use it for hair pins or something. 

And also the bag came with two YABY eye shadows. I put the eye shadows in the palette and added a penny next to it so you can get a visualization of the actual size.

As for the eye shadow, I heard so many good things about it but when I got my hands on the two samples I received (Seashell and Azalea Petal) they lacked horribly in quality. The pigmentation is crap. I had to swipe it so many times just to get it to show up on my skin so I can take a pic. Funny things is the colors are actually quite beautiful but not worth the effort ... at least not for me.

Anyways next up Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, I was excited to see this since I always wanted to try it out........and now that I did I know I'll never buy it. The smell is so horrible and it leaves this stickiness behind on my skin that last a few minutes which is a few minutes too long for me. I didn't find this refreshing at all.

And the last item was LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover, I already found my HG when it comes to Makeup Remover Wipes but gave these a try anyways and it does a really good job, I had a layer of foundation plus eye makeup and it took it all off but I wasn't a fan of how heavily fragranced the wipes were.

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  1. This month is going to be my first ipsy bag. I finally got off the waiting list after being on it for almost 3 months and noticed that it was because of all the cancellations from March. I was really excited for ispy because their bags were looking really good but it seems that they have been having issues the past few months and people aren't happy. I am really hoping that I will like the April bag.

    Justina @